Enterprise Digital Transformation

  • Transformation
  • Application upgrade
  • Optimization & integration

Niltech Consulting is a digital transformation consulting & realization company enabling you to bridge the technology investments into your digital future state.

This can be achieved in incremental steps to lower risk from reduced disruption within your business or can be more aggressively pursued in a short timeframe to minimize the window of change while maximizing the impact and attainment of results. Our expert consultants will advise on the deployment options taking into account the culture and capability of the organization to embrace change in business process.

We will design a plan with you that will map your organizational objectives and priorities while assessing the investment return and risk to enable a measured approach for your business. Whether we are introducing mobility solutions, cloud utility, business analytics or new applications functionality , we will develop a consumable sequence of deployment activities that will align to your business goals and capacity to absorb the transformational change desired. Integration of systems to enable the Digitalization of processes will require architectural choices that can streamline systems and position your business for more agile responses to market dynamics.

Niltech Consulting is able to advise on best practices for integration choices and has a depth of experience in delivering master data solutions for our clients.

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