Process Automation & AI

Process Automation & AI​

Helping Business Transform and Adapt in the Digital Era.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is a software and services capability that allows you to transact in any IT application or website and uses software robots to simplify your business process delivery. By emulating human actions and automating repetitive, rules-based tasks, RPA delivers improved business efficiency, data security and optimisation across multiple business applications, without altering existing infrastructure and systems. Enhance your workforce’s potential by automating rules-based business processes with large volumes and high numbers of FTEs. An alternative sourcing option to human labour and outsourcing, RPA frees up humans from repetitive work so they can focus on higher-value contributions.


Developments in AI and Cognitive technologies are taking automation to the next level. AI and Cognitive technologies can facilitate the ingestion of thousands of unstructured documents, understanding the context of that knowledge and having a natural language dialogue with users. Within the workplace, Artificial Intelligence provides the capability to perform transactions where rule-based procedures do not exist. In essence, it allows the simulation of human judgement. AI has the ability to ‘self-learn’. In instances where AI cannot determine how to handle a request with the required level of confidence, it will pass the work out to a subject matter expert (SME) for guidance. Once the SME has completed the transaction, the AI will learn from the actions taken, to guide it next time that situation is encountered.


Process Discovery is an automated discovery tool that reduces the manual effort needed for large-scale process identification and mapping all the possible process variations and exceptions. It is more accurate and ensures up-to-date process workflows, deeper understanding, and enhanced process optimisation, without any guesswork and anticipations. Our platform is created for process design flexibility, and enables business users to create, test and deploy BOTs to automate processes themselves, with No-Code/ Low-Code options. Process Discovery complements these capabilities by identifying how and where process automation can maximise successful business outcomes