Niltech Consulting And Antworks

Automating Processes together

Niltech Consulting, a leader in Enterprise applications and associated critical business processes has recently joined an alliance with Antworks , a global, artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) company that creates new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation, and enterprise intelligence.

“Our customers are looking to respond to opportunities to drive efficiency in their key business processes that may be heavily bound by manual tasks. By applying automation to repeatable,mundane processes ie. Accounts Payable, there are significant efficiency gains and savings to be captured says Nilesh Singh,founder of Niltech Consulting. “Its not unusual to see a ROI of 12 months or under”. Antworks ANTstein platform is the world’s only integrated intelligent automation platform (IAP), powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition, ANTstein digitises every type of data for forward-thinking companies looking to achieve productivity gains by deploying software bots in labour intensive processes. Using Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) enable Antworks to be a leader in process automation with:

  • Overall ease of use for creating processes and performing quality assurance tests
  • Highest in ‘ability to deliver immediate benefit’ and furthest in ‘ability to meet future client requirements’
  • Highest accuracy with the fewest documents provided
  • Only platform to provide sentiment analysis, handwritten and cursive digitisation–all within a single tool
  • Template independent platform which easily handles changing fields, forms and information

Niltech Consulting Operating in Melbourne & Sydney since 2017 has been delivering Enterprise Applications and IT services Consultancy with a reputation for service excellence by getting the job done leveraging our specialist experience in TechnologyOne. Niltech was founded in response to customer demand for trusted & assured delivery of technology services to assist clients with business process improvement,digitalisation,analytics and integration of disparate systems across Financials,HRP,Assets and Stakeholder management.

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